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Team Building and the Online Network

As a recruiting and executive development professional, Neela Seenandan draws on an in-depth knowledge of the current job market and the skills that an executive needs to succeed. Neela Seenandan currently applies this expertise as managing partner of executive search firm Hanold Associates.

As the business world has become increasingly global and centered on networking technology, the skills required of the C-suite executive have shifted accordingly. The Harvard Business Review has noted that the most successful leaders make strategic use of online networks for support and idea generation. This requires the executive not only to know what resources are available but also to invite collaboration and encourage the sharing of insights.

Strong leaders also use these networks to build connections between existing professional and alumni networks. Research suggests that the professional world has begun to place increased importance on the cultivation of diverse teams as well as on demonstrating both vision and adaptability. By serving as the linchpin of a dynamic online network, an executive can present himself or herself as a collaborative professional while increasing his or her sphere of influence among colleagues.