Neela Seenandan · Recruiting News

Five Important Qualities Sought by Employers

Neela Seenandan serves as a managing partner at Hanold Associates, a retained human resources (HR) executive search firm headquartered in Evanston, Illinois. An HR recruitment professional with over 15 years of experience, Neela Seenandan oversees recruitment and talent management efforts for the company.

Professionals involved in HR and recruitment initiatives seek candidates who exhibit key qualities, including the following:

1. Integrity. Considered one of the most important qualities for long-term success, integrity encompasses honesty, loyalty, and the ability to identify one’s strengths and weakness. Additionally, it involves willingness to admit one’s mistakes and leaving negativity and personal bias out of the workplace.

2. Competence. Employers seek workers who demonstrate knowledge and skill in their field and can excel without requiring constant supervision or check-ins. Competence often requires hard work to further one’s development and improve their skillset.

3. Personable. Customers and clients tend to react better to personable and likable workers that make them feel welcomed and attended to. This also extends to friendliness and respect between employees.

4. Ambition. Companies tend to prefer ambitious employees that work towards bettering themselves, their career, and their place of employment. This also applies to workers that embrace challenge and strive to offer new solutions.

5. Team-oriented. While employers often appreciate strong leadership abilities in potential employees, they also seek individuals that work well on teams and express an interest in collaboration.