Business · Neela Seenandan

Elements of Successful Organizational Development

An experienced human resources professional, Neela Seenandan has served as the co-managing partner of Hanold Associates since 2013. Key to Neela Seenandan’s success in the industry is her expertise in areas such as executive coaching and organizational development.

A combination of system alignment, efficiency improvement, and large-scale strategic change, organizational development focuses on increasing the effectiveness of both the organization and its employees. When creating an organizational development plan, one of the best ways to start is by determining its goals. Whether the plan effects the company as a whole or a single department, ensuring that the plan meets all necessary criteria without overextending itself can simplify the process and save time in the long term.

Another essential element of organizational development is frequent, consistent communication. Not only should the business’ executives know about any progress and adjustments, but the employees should know, too. Change can be difficult, and addressing specific issues will help the entire business remain engaged and efficient during transitions.