Business · Neela Seenandan

Tips for Improving Organizational Climate

As co-managing partner for Hanold Associates, Neela Seenandan is responsible for human resources leadership assignments, as well as senior-level professional services. With over 15 years in the talent development industry, Neela Seenandan also has experience in organizational development within corporations. The following tips can be used by business leaders to improve the organizational climate within their offices.

1. Employees in positions of power should focus on making sure that expectations for employees are clear, on both a general and an individual level. When employees know what is expected of them, job insecurity decreases, while performance tends to be more consistent. Set goals that are practical yet test employee abilities, and communicate openly with associates on all levels.

2. In order to help personnel develop a greater sense of inclusion within the company, delegate responsibilities when feasible. When employees are given the authority to make decisions about their own work, they feel more personal gratification. Additionally, when responsibilities are sustained successfully, be sure to acknowledge the effort.

3. Work policy and regulations are necessary to maintain the integrity of a company, but it is also important to recognize that there is a point where too many rules make employees less productive. Being flexible and avoiding the imposition of unnecessary rules will go a long way toward making your company’s organizational climate a positive one.