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Three Common Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles pics As Hanold Associates’ co-managing partner, Neela Seenandan focuses on training business leaders to maximize their management capabilities. Though executive coaching professionals like Neela Seenandan work with many clients across different industries, the following common leadership styles can be found in any sector or work setting.

1. Charismatic: Driven by a sense of confidence, charismatic leaders use persuasiveness and magnetism to earn the loyalty of their employees. Energetic and motivational, charismatic leaders are efficient at raising morale, inciting action, and communicating the value of their ideas.

2. Transformational: A transformational leader is an executive who earns respect based on his or her deep belief in and passion for a business. They are visionaries, often heading up corporations that focus on a cause. Transformational leaders inspire their employees and expect people in all company roles to consistently perform their best work.

3. Servant: Employees develop respect for a servant leader because of his or her significant work ethic. In this form of leadership, the head of the business often works harder than anyone else and expects his or her employees to give their job tasks full effort. These leaders are known for putting the quality of their service or product first and provide their employees with the tools necessary to help the business succeed.