Neela Seenandan · Recruiting News

Riddell Chooses Hanold Associates for HR Executive Search

Riddell pic

In October 2015, Chicago-based HR executive search firm Hanold Associates launched efforts to identify an experienced candidate to serve as chief human resources officer at Riddell. Also based in Chicago, Riddell is a leader in the sports equipment sector, specializing in protective gear for football players. The firm joins a long list of noteworthy Hanold Associates clients that includes Nike, eBay, Patagonia, T-Mobile, and UFC.

Riddell’s new chief HR officer will report to the firm’s chief financial officer and chief operating officer, Allison Boersma. This individual will manage all human resources activities, ensuring that they benefit the long-term goals of the company, and will hold responsibility for supporting Riddell employees as crucial contributors to the company’s overall development.

A subsidiary of BRG Sports, Riddell has long leveraged emerging technologies to develop innovative football helmets for professional and amateur players alike. The company’s long history dates back to 1929, when John Tate Riddell embarked on his mission to create safer, more user-friendly sports equipment. Since then, the company has drawn on the expertise of designers and engineers to remain on the cutting edge of protective football equipment.