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How Parenting Skills Can Support Career Success

Parenting Skills and Success pic
Parenting Skills and Success

In an article for the business recruiting firm Women For Hire, Hanold Associates Managing Partner and co-CEO Neela Seenandan offered her insight into how working mothers can use the skills and qualities they’ve developed as parents to achieve success in the corporate world. The executive recruiting and talent management professional first notes that the abundance of patience possessed by many mothers can serve them well in the workplace, translating to good listening skills, a tendency to ask questions, and the ability to remain calm. Flexibility is another useful professional trait possessed by many parents, as being able to adapt well to interruptions, evolving responsibilities, indecisive clients, or unexpected complications can help things go more smoothly in the workplace.

Parents are often master organizers. They juggle their own schedules, their children’s schedules, and the general upkeep of the household simultaneously. This ability to effectively multitask has a wide variety of workplace applications, from managing multiple clients to planning corporate events. Additionally, the determination mothers often draw upon to help their children grow and learn may assist them in balancing their home life with their work obligations, as effectively separating the two requires well-developed willpower.

Collaboration and compromise are also key traits shared by both mothers and successful employees, both of whom are able to examine multiple angles of an issue and shape situations to fit the needs of multiple individuals. Moreover, Ms. Seenandan notes that parents are adept at seeing the bigger picture, as they manage day-to-day obligations while focusing on their children’s long-term development. Having a keen eye for determining high-priority tasks and recognizing which projects can wait a day or two is crucial to achieving a healthy work-life balance.