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Using Retained Search Firms

For many companies, hiring senior-level executives can be a time-intensive process that drains productivity from other important areas of the business. Therefore, hiring retained search firms has emerged as a common practice among businesses of all sizes. In addition to reducing the time expenditure required of the hiring company, retained search firms can offset the… Continue reading Using Retained Search Firms

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How Parenting Skills Can Support Career Success

In an article for the business recruiting firm Women For Hire, Hanold Associates Managing Partner and co-CEO Neela Seenandan offered her insight into how working mothers can use the skills and qualities they’ve developed as parents to achieve success in the corporate world. The executive recruiting and talent management professional first notes that the abundance… Continue reading How Parenting Skills Can Support Career Success

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Riddell Chooses Hanold Associates for HR Executive Search

In October 2015, Chicago-based HR executive search firm Hanold Associates launched efforts to identify an experienced candidate to serve as chief human resources officer at Riddell. Also based in Chicago, Riddell is a leader in the sports equipment sector, specializing in protective gear for football players. The firm joins a long list of noteworthy Hanold… Continue reading Riddell Chooses Hanold Associates for HR Executive Search

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Three Common Leadership Styles

 As Hanold Associates’ co-managing partner, Neela Seenandan focuses on training business leaders to maximize their management capabilities. Though executive coaching professionals like Neela Seenandan work with many clients across different industries, the following common leadership styles can be found in any sector or work setting. 1. Charismatic: Driven by a sense of confidence, charismatic leaders… Continue reading Three Common Leadership Styles

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Tips for Improving Organizational Climate

As co-managing partner for Hanold Associates, Neela Seenandan is responsible for human resources leadership assignments, as well as senior-level professional services. With over 15 years in the talent development industry, Neela Seenandan also has experience in organizational development within corporations. The following tips can be used by business leaders to improve the organizational climate within… Continue reading Tips for Improving Organizational Climate

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Talent Development in Female Leaders

Neela Seenandan serves as co-managing partner of Hanold Associates, an executive search firm that focuses on executive human resource professionals. Executives like Neela Seenandan understand the importance of hiring and developing diverse business leaders in order to maximize a company’s potential for success. Recently, business journals such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal have… Continue reading Talent Development in Female Leaders

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Elements of Successful Organizational Development

An experienced human resources professional, Neela Seenandan has served as the co-managing partner of Hanold Associates since 2013. Key to Neela Seenandan’s success in the industry is her expertise in areas such as executive coaching and organizational development. A combination of system alignment, efficiency improvement, and large-scale strategic change, organizational development focuses on increasing the… Continue reading Elements of Successful Organizational Development